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Meander is a tiny, single-binary, portable renderer for the production writing markup language Fountain.

In addition to the core Fountain specification, Meander extends the syntax with clever and worthwhile features:

  • Detailed gender analysis
  • A proper multi-file workflow
  • Headers and footers
  • Automatic counters for any sort of incrementing sequence, panel, etc.

Meander includes templates for:

  • Screenplays
  • Stageplays
  • Novel Manuscripts

Meander has a focus on beautiful formatting on the page, as well as being available and fully functional on as large a number of platforms as possible — most of the highly-regarded industry standard tools are prohibitively expensive simply by virtue of only being available (or whose development is prioritised) for Apple devices.

Instead, Meander lets you write wherever you like, on whatever platform you like, with any plain-text editor you like.  Or, like some of us, on a bunch of them at once.  You can install it anywhere, run it anywhere and take it anywhere, by design.  It's licensed under the GPL 3.0, to ensure it remains available and modifiable.

If you're new to command line utilities or the command line in general, it's highly recommended to use Meander in conjunction with a text editor integration — I've made this one:

You can read an in-depth overview and get a copy of the source over on GitHub! It's highly recommended you head over there anyway, because you can see everything Meander can do in detail before you commit to a download.

Checksums for the zip files here on itch are available on the GitHub releases page too.


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meander_freebsd_amd64_v0.2.3.zip 1 MB
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meander_linux_arm64_v0.2.3.zip 1 MB
meander_macos_intel_v0.2.3.zip 1 MB
meander_macos_silicon_v0.2.3.zip 1 MB
meander_windows_amd64_v0.2.3.zip 1 MB

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